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Schedule Chart

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Schedule Chart

        Gantt Schedule Chart focuses on the activity sequence and timing for various components of a job. It can also be used to monitor the actual progress of a job in relation to the plan.

        A bar is used to represent subtasks within the total job.The location of each bar indicates the time at which each subtask is scheduled to be performed.Normally, the planned production hours indicated at the top of the bar.The chart can be marked to indicate actual progress of the job. The chart gives a graphic overview of the job's status, suggesting where corrective action may be desired. One example of Gantt Schedule Chart is shown below:

Figure6      Example of the Gantt Schedule Chart:

schedulechart.jpg (25774 bytes)

        The Gantt Schedule Chart symbols indicated as below :

        paw_cy.gif (131 bytes)    Each of the green brackets on the time axis denotes the estimated starting and finishing                      of a job enclosed within it.
        paw_cy.gif (131 bytes)
   The red solid bars reflect the actual progress of the job.
        paw_cy.gif (131 bytes)
   The blue solid bar indicates the non-production time or maintenance time.
        paw_cy.gif (131 bytes)    The blue dotted line indicates that the current date. Therefore, the progress of the                      schedule can be checked out whether it is ahead of schedule, on schedule or behind                     schedule.

        The results of the observation from the example of Gantt Schedule Chart above are:
        1.    Job A is about one-half day behind the schedule.
        2.    Job B was completed after equipment maintenance, it is on schedule.
        3.    Job C is ahead of schedule. 

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