Gantt Chart
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Gantt Chart

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Introduction to Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is a visual aids used for a variety of purposes related to loading and scheduling. Its name is derived from Henry Gantt, who developed it in the late 1800s. It is used to plan and monitor the progress of jobs. The chart could describe the use of resources, such as work centres and overtime. It is, therefore, intended to show the actual use or the intended use of resources on a time-scaled chart. The sequence of task necessary to complete the total job can be shown on the time-scaled chart as well.

        There are several types of Gantt Charts. The most commonly used types are as follows:

Load Chart (Click here for the details)
Schedule Chart (Click here for the details)

                                                Figure4     Types of Gantt Chart

Types of Gannt Chart

Load Chart   Load Chart

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