Simulation 2
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Simulation 2

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Simulation for Priority Rules(Critical Ratio)

Source Library     Source Library : Samples data for Critical Ratio          

    1.)    Get the data from the source library or create the input data yourself.

                Caution    :     The numbers that inputted must be
                                        eg. 0, 1, 2, 3.........etc 
                                        if input data is 1-5, the data cannot be accessed.
2.)    First, please enter
the number of jobs(range : 1-5) and the today date.    
            Then press

        Caution     :   If enter data wrongly, please refresh your page
    3.)    Secondly, start to enter the job name, due date and work days remaining according the
            number of jobs you enter just now. Press
ENTER at the last input field which is work days
            remaining for each job.           
   4.)    After enter the last input field of the last number of job, all the text filed will be enable and
            only button can be clicked.
Click on the BUTTON, the results will displayed.

The Java Applet Form for the Critical Ratio

I am sorry! Your browser doesn't support Java Virtual Machine


            To get more familiar with the priority rules:   
    6.)    Please
NOTE DOWN the results on the paper(use for comparing the results of critical
           Caution     :     If you want to try out for few more times, please refresh your
                                    page and enter the data again
Compare the results with your own calculation.

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