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        This is a Computer-Aided Learning web site for the purposes of teaching and providing the information about the topic of Short-Term Scheduling.
Short-Term Scheduling is one of the four plannings used to schedule the manufacturing process of organizations. It is considered as short-term planning because it is scheduled only for the purpose of meeting a particular requirement. Since the requirements of the customers might be different from one another, so the techniques adopted or the way of manufacturing the products are expected to be changed for other requirements.
        Basically, there are two main types of Short-Term Scheduling, namely
Work Centre Loading and Job Sequencing. Work Centre Loading is the assignment of the jobs to work or processing centres. And Input-Output Control and Gantt Chart are the two main techniques adopted in this type.
        Job Sequencing is the arrangement of the tasks required to be carried out sequentially. Hence the two techniques, called
Priority Rules and Johnson's Rule are introduced on this web site.    Examples, model answers and simulation tutorials are included into the four techniques in the hope that it could help you learn more easily.
        Finally, I hope that this web site could help you to understand the topic of Short-Term Scheduling and also the techniques involved.

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