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Now, you have gone through this Short-Term Scheduling web page,
I would be much appreciated if you could fill in this Questionnaires below for evaluation

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1.    Are you currently:
Undergraduate    Postgraduate    Working    Others , please specify

2.    What do you think in general about this web site?
Excellent         Good         Medium     Not Good    Bad

3.    Is this your first time that you come across this type of  learning web page?
Yes    | No

           If Yes? Please go to Q4 else Q5.

4.    How many times you have across this kind of web page?
1        2        3        4    Other,please specify  

5.    Did you find the information useful for yourself?
Extremely     A Lot    Just Fine    Not Much     Not At All

6.    Do you think the information given on this webpage is adequate for you to understand the topic?
Extremely    A Lot    Just Fine    Not Much     Not At All

7.    Does it different from other computer-aided learning web site?
Yes, a lot of differences 
Quite a lot of differences
A few differences only
More or less the same
No differences

8.    Has this webpage been providing you a clear understanding of Short-term Scheduling?
Yes, very clear 
Quite clear
Just fine
Not clear at all

9.    Did the examples given in the demo solution (Presentation file) help you understand the techniques adopted in    
        short-term scheduling?
Extremely Helpful    A Lot    Just Fine    Not Much     Not At All

10.    Do you find the interactive simulations (Applet forms) are helpful in familiarising yourself with the techniques given in              this web page?
Extremely Helpful    A Lot    Just Fine    Not Much    Not At All

11.    Do you think this web page is interactive?
Very interactive
Quite interactive
Just fine
Not sure
Not interactive at all

12.    Is this web site user-friendly?
Yes, very user-friendly
Quite user-friendly
Just fine
Not sure
Not user-friendly at all

14.    Have you encountered any problems while browsing this web page?
Yes, it is a lot of problems
More than 2 things that I couldn't see
Less than 2 things that I couldn't see
No, it is very perfect

15.    What approach you would choose for learning?




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