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4.    Example of Input-output Control :

        Figure 4-1 : shows that the planned capacity for the DNC milling work centre for 8 weeks
                            (weeks 6/6 through 25/7)
                            Planned input = 280 standard hours per week
                             Actual input(varying between 250 and 258)
                             Output schedule = 320 standard hours
                             A backlog of 300 hours exist
in the work center.

        The Solution of Input-output Control Example(Diagram)

5.   Demo solution for Example : This demo may help you to learn more about the
                                                                        tutorial, please go through it.

6.   Try out the Input-output Control Sheet by using the input data in the library
        When you change the
planned input, actual input, planned output and actual            output, see the changes of the cumulative deviation and actual backlog.

Library of sample input data for the Input-output Control Sheet.    Library of sample input data for the Input-output Control Sheet.

7.    Comment on the solution of the example.    solution for tutorial   


Solution for tutorial Solution for example

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