Example with Demo Solution 2
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Example with Demo Solution 2

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4.    Example:
        Today is day 25. 'A factory' has three jobs in the production process. The three jobs are on
        order, as indicated below:

Jobs are assigned as below:

Job Due Date Work Days Remaining
A 30 4
B 28 5
C 27 2

i.)    Find out the Critical Ratio of each job.

ii.)    Reallocate the sequence of the job based on the Critical Ratio.

face2.gif (615 bytes)    The demo for using the critical ratio method is represented by the Microsoft     
        PowerPoint software. The steps of how to use the critical ratio method are shown
        clearly in this demo.

#    The results are shown in the each solution of using the critical ratio method

face2.gif (615 bytes)    Demo for this Example by using Critical Ratio Method

#    Solution by using Critical Ratio   of the example for using Critical Ratio

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